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Delta g Ltd Receives £1,500,000 ($1.9M USD) in Initial Funding


delta g is a UK-based company that recently exited the UK’s Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing at the University of Birmingham. It is a company focused on developing precision cold atomic gravitational gradiometers for subsurface scanning for utility mapping, smart cities, smart mining, and building information modeling. They have received a funding round led by Science Creates Ventures, with additional investment from Quantum Exponential, Newable Ventures, Bristol Private Equity Club and angel investors. In addition, they have received a £500,000 ($641K USD) Innovate project grant through ISCF Commercializes Quantum Technology program. The funds will be used to make commercial demonstrations of their technology, conduct trials with end users, and develop manufacturing and commercialization plans. Additional information is available in the announcement located on the Quantum Exponential website Here.

July 7, 2023


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