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Finding Hidden Riches: How One Crypto Investor Dig Up $322,000


In a stunning turn of events on July 5, a fortuitous crypto investor found themselves unexpectedly richer by a staggering $322,000. Conor Grogan, head of product at Coinbase, shared an incredible story on Twitter, detailing how he discovered an inactive crypto asset and managed to reach its oblivious owner.

The windfall comes from the 2016 fork of the Ethereum blockchain, which gave birth to Ethereum Classic ($19.27). Anyone holding Ether ($1,914) on the now-standard on-chain receives the equivalent amount of ETC via an airdrop. Surprisingly, many investors have never touched these newly discovered funds, Grogan revealed.

“Forgetting funds on the blockchain or failing to track airdrops is a common occurrence,” emphasized Grogan, highlighting his previous experience recovering large sums for investors. In one instance, he even notified a Twitter user of 23 ETH inactivity.

However, keeping track of these wallets is not an easy task. Grogan began an extensive search, carefully scouring the “ETC rich list” for accounts that had never accessed their ETC. After identifying about 20 addresses holding more than $250,000 worth of ETC, he checked each one to establish contacts.

Despite encountering many setbacks and dead ends with most wallets, Grogan’s persistence eventually led him to an address with a special prefix “0x475.” Interestingly, this wallet contains a little-known cryptocurrency called “EOSDAC”, which was delivered to Ethereum holders in 2018.

Leveraging this newfound information, Grogan cleverly uses the airdrop amount and snapshot date to track the holder’s EOS wallet. “To my surprise, this EOS wallet has an interesting history,” Grogan shares enthusiastically.

This breakthrough allowed Grogan to determine the legal name associated with the ETH address 0x475 by carefully researching legal documents. Finally armed with this valuable information, Grogan establishes contact with the rightful owners and shares shocking news about their long-lost fortune.

This moving conclusion underscores the importance of a thorough investigation and highlights the potential treasure trove that awaits those wishing to delve deeper into cryptocurrencies. This serves as a reminder for crypto enthusiasts to stay vigilant and keep track of their assets, ensuring no potential windfall slips through.

In a world where digital currencies continue to shape the financial landscape, extraordinary stories like Grogan’s provide a glimpse of the limitless possibilities in this exciting and ever-evolving world. Who knows what hidden treasures you might find the next time you check your digital wallet?


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