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Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, searches for aliens and UFOs in The New Frontier


The mission was led by Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, who said the group had found several unusual objects.

Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano, is currently looking for a UFO or other extraterrestrial object that might land in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The investigation is part of Project Galileo, which in March secured $1.5 million from Hoskinson.

Amir Siraj and Avi Loeb of Harvard University are leading an expedition for a project aimed at finding the “meteor of interstellar origin” that hit Earth in 2014.

Notably, the US Department of Defense has confirmed the interplanetary origin of the object, and it appears that the Galileo team may have found some of its fragments.

Hoskinson tweeted on June 16 to confirm he was with the expedition team and to report that so far they had found unusual cable shards and other possible wreckage.

There is still a lot of area to be covered, he said, adding that the sleds had not even been dismantled.

The next day, Loeb posted on his blog, saying: “Delighted, we already have one anomaly: manganese-platinum wire with a different abundance pattern than typical commercial products.”

But at this point, it seems too early to say whether the fragments came from the sort of “interstellar object from our cosmic neighborhood” that Loeb had hoped for.

In a blog post published on June 15, he stated, “Most of all, I wonder if it was created technologically by another civilization.”

Hoskinson has previously invested money in odd projects, so this isn’t a new occurrence.

The Cardano founder took part in a $75 million investment round in March 2022 for Texas-based biosciences business Colossal, which seeks to bring back woolly mammoths and other extinct animals.

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