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Quantum Delta NL Receives €60 Million ($65M USD) To Participate in Trilateral Quantum Program with France, Germany


In December last year, France, Germany and the Netherlands announced the deal to support a program to join forces and develop European leadership in the field of quantum technology. Now, the Dutch government’s National Growth Fund has allocated €60.2 million to support As much as Delta NL participation in the program. The program is intended to strengthen R&D cooperation between countries and accelerate the development of the European quantum technology industry. The funds will be used to create a shared center of excellence where researchers from different organizations and countries can work together on joint projects. The second use is to fund a small number of strategic quantum projects on an international basis for quantum technology R&D. Additional details about this funding and this program are available in a news release posted on the Quantum Delta NL website Here.

July 7, 2023


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