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Successful Launch of SOMESING’s Beta Service, ‘My Hand-Carry Studio Karaoke App’


The price of 1 Terahash per second (Th/s) on Binance is $10.7280, which is made up of $1.17 for hashrate and $9.558 for power costs.

Bitcoin, ticker BTC, fell $24,938, a mining-only subscription-based mining product has launched, according to Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Starting on June 15th, anyone who wants to mine Bitcoin but doesn’t have the necessary hardware can subscribe to Binance’s cloud mining service and purchase hashrate for the purpose. The amount of processing power required to confirm and validate Bitcoin transactions across the blockchain is known as the hashrate.

The price of 1 Terahash per second (Th/s) on Binance is $10.7280, which is made up of $1.17 for hashrate and $9.558 for power costs. A higher hashrate increases the probability of making more money in terms of Bitcoins through mining.

The duration of Binance’s BTC mining membership service is 180 days, or about six months. Users will be able to earn 0.0004338 BTC during the period for every TH/s purchased.

This service is not accessible to United States-based cryptocurrency investors as the product was recently published on the international website Binance. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent crackdown in the US prompted Binance to clarify to Cointelegraph that “ is a separate entity and our users will not be affected by issues on Binance.US.”

Binance is defending itself against the SEC accusations. George Canellos, former SEC enforcement co-director, joins the US legal staff.

In response to the claimed developments, former SEC internet enforcement officer John Reed Stark wrote on Twitter that “Binance is clearly preparing for criminal prosecutions and continues to employ the best defense attorneys in the world.”

When the SEC claimed that Binance’s US subsidiary was operating as an unregistered exchange, broker, and clearing house, a legal investigation was underway. Following the SEC’s efforts, Binance.US announced on June 9 that US dollar deposits would be suspended and fiat withdrawals would stop as early as June 13.


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