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Alice & Bob Partners with Atos Subsidiary, Evidence

French quantum hardware startup Alice & Bob has announced it is partnering with a subsidiary of Atos Proof to provide Alice & Bob’s hardware emulation capabilities at Vividen’s Captiva platforms. This will enable end users to begin to gain experience with Alice & Bob architectures that utilize what are known as “cat” qubits. This architecture greatly reduces the presence of bit-flip errors so that the user only has to worry about phase-flip errors. This would significantly reduce the complexity of the error correcting code required and could reduce the number of physical qubits needed to create a logical error corrected qubit by an approximate factor of 60. Although access is only provided to emulate Alice & Bob’s current computer, access to Alice & Bob’s quantum processor The original bob is planned for the future. Alice & Bob announced its €27 Million ($29.7M USD) Series A round a few months ago and already employs over 70 employees. The press release announcing the partnership between these two companies can be found here Here.

July 10, 2023


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