Multi-Axis Microscopy Stages for Super-Resolution Microscopy


Auburn, MA – Nanopositioning and Air Bearing specialist PI offers a family of piezoelectric microscopy nanopositioning stages for super-resolution microscopy and other high-precision scanning applications. The PINano® product line from high-resolution XY/XYZ multi-axis nanopositioning stages including a piezo scanner, software and advanced digital motion controller.


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Digital Motion Controller with Focus and Fast Freeze, Auto Scan

Closed-loop digital piezo servo controllers offer the advantages of higher linearity, and easy access to advanced features compared to conventional analog piezo servo motion controllers. It provides responsive real-time tracking, and supports PI’s unique Fast Focus & Freeze capability, whereby the nanopositioning stage can be switched from an external loop (focus sensor) to an internal loop (positioning sensor), without position jumping, enabling ultra-movement. stable with respect to the focal plane.

Features & Benefits

  • 1 nanometer resolution
  • 200μm travel range in XY and XYZ
  • Inexpensive piezoresistive and high-end capacitive sensor versions are available
  • Ultra high speed version for particle tracking
  • Millisecond steps & completion
  • Low profile for easy integration: 20mm (0.8″)
  • Made in USA

Software Package

An extensive software package is included: dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux, MATLAB and, of course, the LabVIEW driver. The system is also compatible with major image acquisition packages, such as µManager, MetaMorph, Andor iQ. Interfaces include USB, RS-232, and high-resolution analog (4 inputs, ±5V or ±10V, 18-bit A/D converter). Supported functions include data logging, auto zero, wave generator, and I/O triggers.

200 Micrometers per Axis Travel with Millisecond Responsiveness

​​​​​​Easy-to-integrate low-profile (20mm/0.8”) microscopy nanopositioning stages provide resolution of 1 nanometer or better with a long travel range of 200μm and millisecond step times – ideal prerequisites for high-resolution imaging and microscopy applications. Microscope slides and Petri dishes easily accommodate in the large clear aperture.

Direct-Drive for Ultra High Speed ​​Particle Tracking

High power, high speed variants with direct-drive and high output piezo controllers/amplifiers are also available for the fastest applications including particle tracking.

Read Sensor Influence on Piezo Positioning Stage Precision

Specifications and Further Information on the PINano® Microscope Stages

PINano® Microscopy Stage Application

Applications include super-resolution microscopy, scanning microscopy, digital slide scanning, confocal microscopy, 3D imaging, screening, autofocus systems, surface analysis and wafer inspection.

Standard and Custom Motion Control Products

In addition to a wide range of standard motion control products and piezo mechanical stages, PI can quickly modify existing product designs or provide fully customized OEM parts to match exact application requirements.


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