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Logan Paul will not be refunding CryptoZoo investors despite pressure from Coffeezilla


According to insiders in the Logan Paul camp, the social media influencer has reneged on its commitment to compensate investors from the collapsed CryptoZoo project. This development is submitted to Crypto Intelligence on Saturday, further exacerbating the fiasco that began when Coffeezilla, a crypto-focused YouTuber, criticized Paul and other prominent figures in a video detailing the project’s failure late last December.

In his presentation, Coffeezilla communicated with some of the aggrieved investors, all of whom suffered millions of dollars in losses due to the project’s disastrous results. After initially appointing senior advisers, Paul has promised to replace some of the investors.

Unfortunately, half a year has passed since Paul made this promise, and there has been no movement to pay back. Additionally, Paul has not provided any details on the current situation or how investors can claim compensation. His silence and indolence have attracted further attention from Coffeezilla.

Coffeezilla revealed in a recent video that his messages to Paul regarding CryptoZoo were met with silence. Only Paul’s legal team responded to questions, but even their answers offered no real resolution. Coffeezilla noted, “Paul hasn’t paid off his victims, hasn’t spoken out on the matter since his initial pledge, and worst of all, doesn’t appear to have plans to refund anyone’s money.”

An individual associated with Paul and the defunct CryptoZoo venture confirmed to Crypto Intelligence News that Paul had revised his stance on compensating investors. The informant pointed out that Paul was dissatisfied with the feedback he received online after he disclosed his plans to refund investors out of his own pocket. He felt underappreciated for his attitude.

Despite Crypto Intelligence News’ attempts to get comment from Paul’s team, there was no response at the time of publication. The continued silence left aggrieved investors with little hope of a settlement or compensation.


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