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QAI Ventures Welcomes New Group of Startups to its Accelerator


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  • QAI Ventures has announced its selection of its first group of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program.
  • Startups include Anaqor, Kipu Quantum, Miraex, Moonlight AI and qdc.
  • QAI Ventures is a Quantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator embedded in the QuantumBasel ecosystem.

QAI VenturesQuantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator embedded in the ecosystem QuantumBasel, announced its selection of its first group of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program this week. Selected Quantum Startups are ready to revolutionize various industries with their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Quantum Startups joining the QAI Ventures Accelerator cohort include:

  1. Anaqor — Anaqor specializes in developing frictionless quantum technologies, aiming to remove barriers and increase the accessibility of quantum computing solutions.
  2. Kipu Quantum — Kipu Quantum is focused on developing hardware and application-specific quantum computing solutions that address the unique needs of early industry use cases.
  3. Miraex — Miraex aims to connect quantum technologies with real-world applications, harnessing the potential of quantum computing to drive progress in various sectors.
  4. AI moonlight — Moonlight AI is dedicated to revolutionizing cancer diagnosis and monitoring through the use of AI-powered solutions, providing increased accuracy and efficiency in healthcare.
  5. qdc — qdc is committed to unlocking the power of quantum computing to real-world optimization challenges, offering state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of industries.

During the 5-month program, QAI Ventures will provide comprehensive support for startup business development. This includes access to a global network of mentors, valuable connections to industry partners, and guidance to ensure they are ready to invest. QAI Ventures is dedicated to empowering these quantum startups and driving their growth within the quantum technology ecosystem.

In addition to other benefits, the QAI Ventures Accelerator program gives participating startups access to Quantum Hardware from respected partners such as QuantumBasel, QuEra Computing Inc., Strangeworks, IBM, IonQ, and D-Wave. Access to this state-of-the-art quantum hardware will enable startups to push the limits of their technological advances and drive meaningful innovation.


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