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July 14, 2023Hacker NewsSaaS Security / Cybersecurity

As security practices continue to evolve, one major concern remains in the minds of security professionals—the risk of employees accidentally or knowingly disclosing critical information. Insider threats, whether from intentional actions or accidental incidents, pose a significant challenge to protecting sensitive data.

To effectively address insider risk, organizations must adopt a holistic approach that includes technical, procedural and human elements.

While access control, encryption, and monitoring systems are critical to identifying and mitigating unauthorized access and suspicious activity, the increasing prevalence of cloud-based environments and the surge in usage of SaaS applications demand a new perspective on Insider Risk Management from a SaaS security perspective.

Stay ahead of the game by embracing the SaaS security lens. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we’ll demonstrate how security practitioners can proactively adapt their approach to protect against insider threats in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. We’ll get into the specifics, covering everything from implementation to risk assessment.

In the power-packed webinarsYou will:

  • Understand the important relationship between SaaS Security and Insider Risk Mitigation.
  • Get exclusive access to practical tips and best practices for securing your employees’ use of SaaS.
  • Learn how to effectively monitor user activity, identify potential data theft incidents, and proactively prevent security and compliance breaches.
  • Explore integration of SaaS security with existing MFA, SSO, and IAM practices for comprehensive protection.

Protecting Against Insider Threats: SaaS Master Security Posture Management

Worried about insider threats? We are here to help you! Join this webinar to explore practical strategies and secrets to proactive security with SaaS Security Posture Management.

Join the Webinar

Join industry experts Galit Lubetzky, CEO of Wing Security, and James Azar, CISO, as they uncover answers to these critical questions and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to protect your organization effectively.

Take advantage of this opportunity to fortify your security strategy in the SaaS era. Book your place now to ensure the future of your organization stays safe!

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