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Quantum Xchange Announces CipherInsights Product for Monitoring Flaws in Network Encryption Traffic


We have published on this website many articles discussing future risks and potential solutions that quantum computers could propose in decrypting public encryption keys to enable hacking into network communications that are meant to be private. Accomplishing this will require major upgrades to IT communications encryption infrastructure over the next few years. But part of the problem for companies is knowing where the vulnerabilities lie and what needs to be improved. It turns out that this issue is not only related to upgrading some quantum vulnerable public key encryption codes, but some companies are also running older and outdated cryptographic standards of other cryptographic protocols such as MD5, SHA-1, TLS 1.1, or SSL 3.

Quantum Change has introduced for general availability a new product named CipherInsights™ that will passively monitor network traffic to alert IT managers about communication traffic that is quantum insecure, or uses out-of-date cryptographic protocols, or has bad certificates, or sends messages in plain text that should be encrypted. Additional information about this product is available in a press release Here as well as a web page that describes the product in more detail Here.

July 15, 2023


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