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Quantum-South Introduces Advanced Version of Air Cargo Optimization Solutions


Last year, we reported on a quantum solution provided by Quantum-South, a software company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, that harnesses the power of quantum computing to tackle various variable optimization problems for loading cargo onto airplanes. This consideration should take into account payload shape, weight and center of gravity as well as important aircraft and flight characteristics such as shear shape and fuselage. The company has now introduced a more advanced version of this software which provides Unit Load and Pallet Load Optimization, Aircraft Load Optimization and Fuel Optimization Tools. These are all important considerations as they maximize efficiency, minimize costs and provide environmental benefits by reducing fuel consumption. The company has been working on this application for several years since its participation in the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge in 2019. The company indicated that this solution could also be applied in other industrial areas including marine cargo operations. A press release regarding this new release has been posted on the Quantum-South website Here.

July 15, 2023


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