PI Offers New Custom Air Cushion Movement System


Auburn, MA – PI (Physik Instrumente), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of precision motion controls, offers custom air cushion system, designed to improve performance in production, test, and metrology in a wide range of industrial applications including photonics, medical design, aerospace, and semiconductors. Built on a research and manufacturing team with hundreds of years of air cushion and nanoposition design experience, the PI air cushion system offers unprecedented levels of accuracy, stability and flexibility.


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From Miniature Actuators to Large Gantries

In addition to a wide range of standard air bearing products, PI can design custom motion systems, from mini linear actuators and spindles to large multi-axis gantry systems. Motorized, closed-loop, and passive air cushion solutions are available, and air cushions can be designed to perform many functions in a very compact package, using air for both cushioning and propulsion purposes.

Why Air Cushion?

Air cushion technology has long been recognized as the superior solution for high-precision motion control, offering frictionless, vibration-free motion and outstanding speed stability. The PI air cushion motion system takes advantage of this technology and improves it further through advanced motion control algorithms – increasing stride and completion times, noise and tracking accuracy. By combining advanced hardware and software, the system is able to achieve extremely precise positioning and outstanding dynamic performance, with nearly unlimited service life, significantly surpassing traditional motion control systems.

Video: Special Air Cushion System for Wafer Stealth Dicing

Support and Warranty

The PI Air Cushion Motion System, designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA, is backed by the company’s standard two-year warranty while extended warranties and service contracts are also offered to provide the best possible support to customers. By offering this advanced motion system, PI aims to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of precision motion control.

For more information on the PI Air Cushion Motion System and to inquire about custom solutions, please Visit our website or contact our technician.


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