CatalYm published data in Nature Communications that describes gdf-15 as a




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Tumor-derived GDF-15 blocks LFA-1-dependent T-cell recruitment and suppresses response to anti-PD-1 treatment

COI statement

MH, TS, MM (Mehling), MS (Selle), RD, BW and JW are patent inventors regarding GDF-15 as a biomarker and therapeutic target. MH, TS and JW are co-founders of biotechnology company CatalYm GmbH involved in translating GDF-15-based cancer therapies and diagnostics into the clinic. MH, TS, MR, EL and CSW are employees or former employees and shareholders of CatalYm. NV, SG, MCG, KE and PRR are employees or former employees of CatalYm. RR is a partner of partner Forbion Capital who invests in CatalYm. RD has an intermittent, project-focused consulting and/or advisory relationship with Novartis, Merck Sharp
& Dohme (MSD), Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Roche, Amgen, Takeda, Pierre Fabre, Sun Pharma, Sanofi, Catalym, Second Genome, Regeneron, Alligator, T3 Pharma, MaxiVAX SA and touchIME beyond the submitted work. AB is the co-founder and scientific advisor of Aamuthera Biotech GmbH and DualYX NV unrelated to this work. KWH, HH, FN, RD and JW have received research funding through Catalym GmbH.
Other authors state that there is no conflict of interest in this work.


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