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Infleqtion and QinetiQ Win Awards for Applying Quantum Computing to Logistics


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  • Infleqtion and QinetiQ won the tender for the Quantum End-to-End Compilation for Combinatorial Optimization (QECCO) project through Innovate UK.
  • This initiative will focus on using quantum algorithms to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems in logistics.
  • The project team consists of experts in quantum software development, algorithmic implementation, and benchmarking.

PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, a global quantum information company, and QinetiQ, a leading defense company, are pleased to announce their successful bid for the End-to-End Quantum Compilation for Combinatorial Optimization (QECCO) project through Innovate UK. This initiative will focus on using quantum algorithms to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems in logistics and deliver this important quantum software capability to the UK’s National Quantum Computing Center (NQCC). These optimization problems are critical to national security but often cannot be solved computationally using classical computers, but quantum computers have the potential to provide significant speedups.

QECCO will tackle key challenges in the logistics sector, including job-shop scheduling, packing, routing and satisfaction issues. These complex problems have high business value, limited classical solutions, and tremendous potential for quantum solutions. Through stakeholder workshops and collaboration with end users in logistics and transportation, QECCO will identify specific high-impact target issues and refine algorithmic implementations.

The project team consists of experts in quantum software development, algorithm implementation, and benchmarking, with a strong foundation from the Superstaq Infleqtion platform, which has demonstrated improved solution quality on real quantum hardware, along with Supermarq’s benchmarking infrastructure for performance evaluation.

“We are pleased to be part of the QECCO project and to collaborate with QinetiQ to unlock the full potential of quantum computing,” said Dr. Timothy Ball, GM Infleqtion UK. “This project is perfectly aligned with our vision of applying quantum technology to solve real-world problems. With our cutting-edge software capabilities and QinetiQ’s expertise in dual-use logistics applications, we are confident that we can provide innovative solutions for the UK.”

dr Gillian Marshall, QinetiQ Senior Fellow for Quantum Technologies said, “QinetiQ is very pleased to be supporting Infleqtion on the QECCO project. Infleqtion is the natural partner of choice for QinetiQ. Their market-leading quantum technology is a perfect fit with QinetiQ’s own quantum information processing and classical/quantum integration and engineering expertise, and we look forward to building on this success together.”

“The advances made in Quantum technology offer some of the most exciting opportunities in the innovation pipeline for years to come, potentially revolutionizing everything from medical diagnostics and autonomous vehicles, to military navigation and cybersecurity. This report highlights how important the commercialization of quantum technology is in unleashing the full potential of the UK as a science superpower,” said the new Minister of State in the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology George Freeman MP.

“Our outstanding researchers, businesses and innovators continue to push the boundaries of Quantum Technology development, placing the UK at the cutting edge of this field,” said Will Druryexecutive director of digital and technology at Innovate UK.

In the May 2022Inflection is obtained Chicagobased on Super.tech, a leading quantum software company accelerating the development and adoption of quantum computing. The company emerges from pioneering quantum computing research from EPiQC, the NSF Expedition in Computing at University of Chicago. Super.tech is embedded in Argonne National Laboratory Chain Reaction Innovations program and also incubated by Dualitythe first accelerator dedicated exclusively to supporting quantum startups, operated by the Chicago Quantum Exchange and UChicago’s Polsky Center.

“We are pleased to see Infleqtion’s software capabilities grow in the UK as the country has a strong track record of innovation in science and technology. We recognize the strong partnership between the UK and Chicago as a global partner, and we look forward to working closely with our UK counterparts to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum computing,” said Infleqtion Vice President of Quantum Software, Pranav Gokhale.

“Quantum is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new technologies in development, with the potential to reshape global solutions for generations to come. And that ripple effect comes from a good start at heart Illinois,” said Gov. JB Pritzker. “Rooted in the groundbreaking quantum computing research that came out of University of ChicagoArgonne Laboratory, and Chicago Quantum Exchange, the impact of Infleqtion’s work will now extend to our global partners in great Britain to improve efficiency and continue to build quantum networks around the world,” said Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.

The partnership is expected to last for three years and will result in the development of new software tools and applications for quantum-enabled systems. By structuring end-user applications directly onto quantum hardware, Infleqtion aims to leverage the unique characteristics of quantum computing to achieve faster and more efficient solutions, making quantum technology more accessible and easier for a wide range of financial, healthcare, and national security applications.


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