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Special instructions for ChatGPT

We introduced special instructions so you can customize ChatGPT to better meet your needs. This feature will be available in beta starting with the Plus plan today, expanding to all users in the coming weeks. Custom instructions allow you to add preferences or requirements that you want ChatGPT to consider when creating its response.

We’ve heard your feedback about the difficulty starting every ChatGPT conversation from scratch. Through our conversations with users in 22 countries, we have deepened our understanding of the important role driving ability plays in enabling our models to effectively reflect different contexts and each person’s unique needs.

ChatGPT will consider your specific instructions for each subsequent conversation. The model considers instructions each time it responds, so you don’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation.

For example, a teacher writing lesson plans no longer has to repeat that they are teaching 3rd grade science. A developer prefers efficient code in a language that isn’t Python – they can say it once, and it’s understood. Shopping for groceries for large families is made easier, with models that count 6 portions on the grocery list.

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