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Digital Yuan Empowers Chinese Business Travelers with Airline Ticket Purchasing


Chinese business travelers will benefit from digital yuan integration when the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot program goes live. According to the China Civil Aviation Network, China Merchants Bank, a leading commercial banking company, has partnered with the Civil Aviation Administration’s Clearing Center to launch the e-CNY platform.

The newly introduced platform enables companies and entrepreneurs to leverage digital yuan for convenient payment of business airline tickets. In addition, passengers will have the opportunity to use digital currency to access new services through this platform. Suzhou China Travel Service, a travel company, has used the platform to purchase tickets on behalf of its clients.

A grand launch ceremony for the platform was held recently, and the Civil Aviation Administration and China Merchants Bank expressed their commitment to provide efficient and high-quality services to more business travelers. Furthermore, they pledged to jointly explore the application of digital yuan in various sectors of the civil aviation industry.

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the central bank, is actively promoting the adoption of the digital yuan in the country’s transportation network. Beijing Daxing International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport, for example, announced their collaboration on a cargo-related digital yuan initiative in 2022. In addition, several airports in the pilot zone have started accepting digital yuan for goods and services, enabling transit passengers to make payments conveniently.

In the same vein, the rail network, light rail connections, and metro systems across the pilot zone have been upgraded to enable seamless digital yuan payments without relying on power or network connections. Even bus routes in the zone now accept digital yuan payments from passengers. Earlier this year, several toll booths within the pilot zone also started accepting digital yuan.

Notably, the city of Shenzhen reports that its residents have opened nearly 36 million yuan digital wallets, with more than 7 million new wallets created since the beginning of this year. In an effort to further encourage adoption, the city of Changzhou has announced a significant $700,000 worth of CBDC tokens and coupons.

With the integration of the digital yuan into the realm of business air travel, Chinese business travelers can expect increased convenience, efficiency and security in their ticket purchases. The continued expansion of the CBDC pilot program across sectors demonstrates China’s commitment to revolutionizing its economy through the widespread adoption of the digital yuan.


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