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Diraq Australia Wins Two Different Grants Worth AUS$3 Million ($2M USD) to Further Develop Technology

The first AUS$3 million grant came from Australia The Government Cooperative Research Center (CRC-P) initiative. This is a grant that the company will share with the University of New South Wales in Sydney and commercial IC design firms Perception Device for a four-year program to develop a directly-integratable Quantum Control Unit (QCU) chip owned by Dirak Quantum Logic Unit (QLU). The design would require analog circuit operation at very low power levels in cryogenic temperatures which is an operating environment that is not typical of normal semiconductors. Perceptia Devices will implement the chip design and researchers at UNSW Sydney will be responsible for investigating the device’s behavior in these cold temperatures. A press release announcing the award was posted on Diraq’s website Here and Cooperative Research Centers Projects (CRC-P) award notifications listing this project are available Here.

The second AUS$3 million grant came from the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). Quantum Computing Commercialization Fund (QCCF). NSW is budgeting a total of $7 million AUS in December 2022 for this program to boost quantum research and development, and jobs, in Australia. The award is made under a competitive funding program after extensive peer review by a panel of experts. Diraq will use the funds to continue development of its semiconductor-based spin qubit quantum processor technology which will include its first product, a 10-qubit silicon quantum processor. A press release announcing this second award can also be found on Diraq’s website Here.

July 22, 2023


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