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Infleqtion and QinetiQ Win Award from Innovate UK for Quantum-Based Combinatorial Optimization

Inflectiona quantum startup providing quantum solutions and hardware, has teamed up with the UK firm Defense QinetiQ to win awards from British innovation for a project entitled Quantum End-to-end Compilation for Combinatorial Optimization (QECCO). This three-year program will develop quantum software tools that will compile end-user applications directly to quantum hardware making it easier for end-users to create applications that take advantage of quantum technology. The QECCO team will focus on the logistics and transportation area to solve problems such as job-shop scheduling, packing, routing and satisfaction issues. For this project, Infleqtion will leverage the expertise of the Chicago-based software team Super.tech it acquired in May 2022. A press release with additional information about this award has been provided by Infleqtion and is available Here.

July 22, 2023


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