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Qureca Announcing Qureca! Box for Teaching Quantum Tech in a Simple and Fun Way


Qureca! Box. Credit: Qureca

Qureja has introduced Qureca! Boxed educational toolkit to teach students the basic concepts of quantum computing. Targeted at high school and undergraduate students, the kit includes Powerpoint links, video links, as well as physical objects including Qubit Boxes, Compucards, and 3D Bloch Spheres that students can hold to intuitively understand quantum concepts. The course currently consists of five modules starting with a game experience for students to discover the quantum world, and enabling students to implement and simulate quantum circuits in the final module. Additional modules to complement the existing ones are currently under development. This kit has been tested in more than 10 pilot workshops which have taught more than 200 students resulting in a 93% increase in student knowledge. For additional information about this quantum education tool, you can view Qureca’s press announcement for it Here and to view additional details and pre-order any of these kits, you can head over to their web page Here.

April 14, 2023


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