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Skilled Traders Catch Details Crypto Rally 2023 Plan to Reaccumulate Bitcoins – Here’s the Target


An analyst who ran this year’s crypto flips like a pro released his overall plan to reinstate Bitcoin (BTC) as the cryptocurrency king struggles to get back $30,000. This comes at a time when Bitcoin is struggling to regain $30,000.

The pseudonym analyst DonAlt has told his 480,400 Twitter followers that he intends to take a wait and see approach for now as he feels that Bitcoin is now trading between key levels.

According to the crypto strategist, before reaccumulating the crypto king, he waits to reclaim $30,000 or a correction to $20,000 before buying it again.

If we can get the $30,000 back, my general goal is to buy back the bitcoins which I sell for about $30,000 each.

If we reach another $20,000 you can have the Bitcoin I’m selling back.

Relax in the space between the two.

DonAlt also issued a warning to BTC bulls and bears that Bitcoin is in the range of a possible multi-month cut before a clear trend emerges. This warning was issued as it is within the realm of possibility for Bitcoin to witness a multi-month cut.

“Maximum suffering is being experienced in all markets. Too many speculators everywhere; we need to drive them out of business, get them back to doing legitimate jobs, and render people like me useless on the internet.

Then only up from there”

Although the cryptocurrency researcher anticipates that Bitcoin will trade in a rather broad range as long as the price remains lower than $30,000, he does not believe that BTC will fall below the bear market of around $15,700.

“I said that we’re not going to see any more new lows,” he explained.


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