Roberta Nelson Shea highlights her career developing robot safety standards


On this week’s podcast we interview 2023 winner Joseph F. Engelberger, Roberta Nelson Shea, about her career in developing robotics safety standards.

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On this week’s show we interviewed Roberta Nelson SheaGlobal Technical Compliance Officer, Universe Robots. Roberta was voted 2023 Application winner Joseph F. Engelberger for his outstanding work during his career in global robotics safety. For more than 45 years, he has been one of the central figures in the development of industrial robot safety standards in North America and around the world.

Roberta shares some great stories from her experience leading the development of global robotics safety standards. He brings a unique perspective on the importance of robotics safety and is especially deserving of this year’s Joseph F. Engelberger award.

News of the week:

robot9 rocap robot.

Rocap is a wired robot from Robot9. | Credit: Robot9

We introduce a new wired robot company Robots9.

Rokap Specifications:

  • Workspace coverage up to 35m x 35m x 15m
  • Able to lift loads up to 100kg

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