A free update makes a third deep learning method available for IDS NXT


Update for the AI ​​IDS NXT system: the camera can now also detect anomalies

In quality assurance, it is often necessary to reliably detect deviations from the norm. Industrial cameras play a key role in this, capturing images of products and analyzing them for defects. However, if error cases are not known in advance or are too diverse, rule-based image processing reaches its limits. On the other hand, this challenge can be reliably solved with the AI ​​Anomaly Detection method. The new free IDS NXT 3.0 software update from IDS Imaging Development Systems makes this method available to all AI vision system users with immediate effect.

NXT’s intelligent IDS cameras can now detect anomalies independently and thereby optimize quality assurance processes. For this purpose, the user trains a neural network which is then run on a programmable camera. To achieve this, IDS offers the beacon AI Vision Studio IDS NXT, which is characterized by an easy-to-use workflow and seamless integration into the IDS NXT ecosystem. Customers can even use only “GOOD” images for training. This means that relatively little training data is required compared to other AI Object Detection and Classification methods. This simplifies the development of AI vision applications and is suitable for evaluating the potential of AI-based image processing for projects in enterprises.


Another highlight of this release is the code reading function in the block based editor. This allows IDS NXT cameras to find, identify and read various types of codes and required parameters. The attention map on the IDS NXT lighthouse also provides more transparency into the training process. They illustrate which areas of the image have an impact on the classification results. In this way, the user can identify and eliminate training errors before the neural network is implemented in the camera.

IDS NXT is a comprehensive AI-based vision system consisting of a smart camera plus a software environment that covers the entire process from creation to execution of an AI vision application. Software tools make AI-based vision usable for different target groups – even without prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or application programming. In addition, expert tools allow for open platform programming, making the IDS NXT camera highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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