UK Paragraph Acquires Cardea Bio in US To Expand Leadership in Graphene Electronics Industry


Paragraf, the only company in the world to mass-produce graphene electronics using transfer-free graphene and standard semiconductor processes, has acquired Cardea Bio, the world’s leading manufacturer of graphene-based biocompatible chips. Cardea Bio will be renamed Paragraph USA and the San Diego facility, team, and operations have become a valued part of the Paragraph family.

The creation of Paragraph USA is a significant step towards realizing Paragraph’s ambitions for a world beyond silicon electronics, where graphene and other 2D materials create faster and more efficient semiconductor devices and technologies – in short: new frontiers in electronics. This acquisition enables Paragraph to offer a next-generation biosensing device that will deliver the features and sensitivity of results of existing laboratory-based instruments, with the rapid response and simple ease-of-use required to enable handheld, real-time, use in the field.

“World-leading IP and expertise in graphene-electronic based molecular detection using CRISPR and other bioassay methods from Cardea Bio, combined with Paragraph’s development of breakthroughs in scalable graphene production processes will result in a robust biosensing product network aimed at solving global challenges,” says Simon Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Paragraph. “These products will strengthen the quality control and integrity of our food production processes, significantly improve the early detection of disease and monitor the health of our environment. With our current product line, positional and cryogenic sensors – all built on graphene – they will further Paragraph’s vision of Healthy People, Healthy Cities and a Healthy Planet.”

Paragraph Group is now very well positioned for strong growth and will continue to support its current partners and commercial commitments as integration moves forward, leading to the cross-pollination of two world-class IP portfolios, technology platforms, and people’s capabilities and great ideas. we . By early summer, we expect integration to be completed and product roadmap enhanced and go-to-market capabilities accelerated to the benefit of our existing and new customers and partners.

“Joining Paragraph allows us to use the world’s only mass-produced transfer-free monolayer graphene to manufacture the state-of-the-art graphene-based biosensors developed by the Cardea team over the past ten years. We look forward to unlocking strong synergistic effects to advance the broad and growing use of graphene biosensors for the benefit of people and the planet” says Michael Heltzen, EVP Strategy at Paragraph USA (former CEO and co-founder of Cardea Bio).



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